Hello. We’re Mad Propst – A Creative Team trapped Inside A Custom Apparel Shop Located outside Baltimore. Things Might Get Weird.

#makedopeshit is our mantra.  We like to use profanity, draw boobs, talk about farts, post ominous Kanye photos around the ART CAVE… you know, generally keep a really professional atmosphere and foster a culture of high art snobbery…

Abstract thinking never sleeps, and we don’t think our Creative Director actually does either.  Anyway, we have a whole stable of tools to chop up graphics, illustrations and videos.  We dump a lot out here on this site, so stay tuned for epic-ness.

Our Creative Team is hungry for projects, beware if you feed them.

Your walls are not safe… your digital spaces are not safe… your NFT collections… your websites… You’ve Been Warned.

We Draw Weird Stuff

Shadow Dimension NFT

Shadow Dimension NFT

Purge Panda

Funky Paint Disco

All Dogs Get Messy

Beastly Branding



This is our Creative Outlet, our Safe Space where we can talk about feelings and dragons and then put the feely-dragons on leggings and stuff…  All products sold here are 100% in support of our graphic art hustlers.

Oh, & We Sell Stuff

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