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When Doodlesaurs Ruled

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Mad Propst! Productions:


Baltimore Painter + Muralist + Graphic Art Hustler 💣 Apparel Creative Director

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Custom Apparel

Visit our Family-Owned Custom Uniform, Apparel and Promotional Business, Propst & Sons Sports

Social Media

Find Me Out and About on the Inter-Webz, From the Metaverse to the Twittersphere, use the to find me!


Commissions are open for Concept Art, Illustration, Digital Painting and Murals. Tap/Click here to get started.

I have this mantra when I am working creatively: ‘MAKE DOPE SHIT’. It reminds me to check in and step back.  I have to ask myself, ‘is this OBJECTIVELY something that could stop me in my tracks?’ It keeps me accountable, and it keeps me moving.

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