First, about my work with depression. Like a lot of creatives, I find myself buried with unrelenting weight of.. “nothing”

Summary journal entry, on a “good day” 10/3/17: “.. though today I feel aligned, it is fleeting. my darkness manifests.. I feel a fear of letting it go.. because, if I do, I will forget the cycle of imminent darkness.. so I feel grounded holding onto it. I feel safe.”

This consciousness has expanded in my life, and this is an example of how I do “inner work” with. On depression: by facing it, speaking to it, understanding the relationship of the “I” to it, and by visualizing it… I gradually untether my soul.

The universe illuminated a path for me, but it will not walk itself. I have sensed that the first “WIN” in every passing moment is to “show up”. in life, in relationships, my art, in community, in every passing opportunity for connection.


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7500 x 7500 px

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Behind the scenes

making the art

Check out the process from start to finish of the Shadow Dimension work.